Following our analytique assignment, we took on the challenge of the “Pop-Up Piazza.” To complete this challenge, we would each have to create a miniature version of the assigned piazza by cutting and folding one sheet of A3 watercolor paper. No tape, no glue, no “control z” when you cut instead of fold. This was going to be quite a challenge.

My pop-up was focused on Piazza Provenzano Salvani, a quite piazza located northeast of the Campo. Before the assignment I had never visited this piazza so it was a nice discovery. The defining feature of Piazza Provenzano is definitely the church, Santa Maria di Provenzano. In comparison to the rest of the neutral masonry buildings which define the edges of the piazza, the facade of S. Maria di Provenzano is a stark white stone. This immediately caught my eye and I decided that emphasizing the church would be one of my goals for the pop-up. Another idea which sounded great at the time but proved to be very difficult in the end was the idea of making the actual piazza a void. In this way, whatever surface I placed my pop-up on would become the ground surface. This seemed like an interesting effect. Here is an idea of what the piazza looks like:

Piazza Provenzano Salvani

 And some of my initial sketches studying the piazza and coming up with a strategy…

Process Sketches 01,02,03

01: First sketch of the piazza done on site

02: Strategy #1, working from the outside-in

03: Strategy #2, working from the inside-out

Process Sketches 04,05,06

04: Piazza Sketch including some detail of buildings

05: Relative height comparisons

06: Inside-out strategy

Small sketches were semi-helpful but to fully comprehend this design problem, my next step was to confront it at full scale on an A3 sheet…

Full Size Trial

This trial was a learning experience, as I mentioned before, there was no “control z” when I cut the wrong piece instead of folding. The next step was to draft out the final piazza with specific markings on where to fold and where to cut.

Cuts and Folds

Then it was time for building details and watercoloring. Similar to my analytique strategy, I kept with a fairly neutral palette, lots of browns and greys. Since I was working from inside-out, my piazza was going to pop up from both sides of the paper. These are the two sides prior to cutting, folding and eventually popping:

Pre-Pop !

 My final Pop-Up attempted to use the void as a strong element. I was happy with how it turned out but I’m not sure I would have taken the same road if I did this again.

Final Pop-Up_01

Final Pop-Up_02

Final Pop-Up_03

Final Pop-Up_05

Final Pop-Up_06