So this morning we broke from the itinerary due to unforseen travel conditions last night (waiting for hours for public transportation). Given the morning to ourselves, we were expected to accomplish several things: visit at least one site that we couldn’t get into during the Baroque walking tour and pay a visit to Ditta G. Poggi art store to get proper watercolor supplies. We would be meeting up later in the afternoon for a walking tour along an abandoned aqueduct.

I spent my morning walking through some now familiar Roman streets, revisiting a few sites that we breezed through during our walking tour. One of my favorites is the Trevi Fountain, which I can actually remember visiting during a trip to Italy in high school. There is a legend that says if you throw a coin into the fountain by tossing it over your shoulder with your back facing the water, you will one day return to Rome. Looks like I made it!

Fontana di Trevi

I also made my way over to San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane where I took some time to visit the cloister. The upper level of the cloister was an ideal place to sit and sketch or read or just think. I did a little of everything.

San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane Cloister

In the afternoon, we met up for our group walk along the aqueduct. Similar to the basis of our lecture from the night before, this walk was meant to give us a different perspective on Rome. Walking along the aqueduct, outside the hustle-and-bustle of the city, we learned of more “outsiders”. At one time, people were actually living along the aqueduct, making their own shanties from the existing structures. During our walk we only saw small remnants of these “settlers” but it wasn’t difficult to paint a mental picture of what it might have been like.

The group takes a break to listen to our guide David

Our Fearless Leaders