Mapping The Journey

This is the end result of my mapping after several trips to the Villa Giulia. It is meant to be seen almost as a film strip of my experience. The first slide represents the first leg of the trip which I took with Raptor and Neil (note the sunglasses). The next slide represents the secondary goal of our first trips in Roma which was to acquire as many free maps as possible. The third and fourth slides represent the bulk of the journey: travelling on the Metro, stopping at the Spanish Steps, then walking our way to Piazza del Popolo and eventually Villa Medici. On the fourth slide, there are only two pairs of shades because our team of three dwindled to just two. The final slide is me finally reaching the Villa Giulia which is within Villa Borghese and cut-off from the majority of free tourist maps. Only one pair of sunglasses remain because I have reached my destination and discovered a beautiful place of solace from the city.

Villa Giulia Final Analytique

Analytical drawings cannot express the true beauty of the Villa Giulia, it is the fine detail and the fabulous transitional quality of the spaces which truly captured me during my visit.